Thru the Lens Sunday 1-10-2016



I am still struggling with something to replace Silent Sunday. I am sharing this photo I took today (Saturday) at the Desert Bar (Nellie E Saloon) between Lake Havasu City & Parker, Arizona. It is open only on Saturdays & Sundays and only this time of year. It’s just 5 miles from the main road  but takes forever to drive to because of the rough, rocky dirt road(?) The view of rocks and the desert vegetation was beautiful and interesting. We spotted several large old mines cut into the rock along the way. The saloon destination is built near an old copper mine with some buildings and old cars and trucks scattered throughout. A covered foot bridge leads to the saloon where we sat in the sun and listened to a really good band play country & rock music. We pretty much relaxed and enjoyed the day, and ate pulled pork sandwiches & beer. For a place tucked-away in the boonies and hardly open for business, I was shocked to see so many vehicles (many were not 4×4/AWD either!) coming and going to the Desert Saloon.

Here is a video that will give you a clearer idea of what you would find at the end of the dusty trail if you decide to go…


I hope your weather is warming up so you can get out and enjoy the sunshine too!
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