How to Fill an Empty Wall


Since I am not at home, I can’t do an actual project to post about, so here is a little Inspiration & Imagination post – made using the internet and Photoshop instead of a hammer & paintbrush.

Let’s just say you have…

An Empty Wall…


Source: A room I pulled off the internet, someone else’s Before photo.

What would you create in that empty space? Maybe a photo gallery wall? A reading nook with a wall of shelves filled with books? Or just leave the wall blank…do Nothing at all???  In the oldin’ days a plaster vase with plastic or silk flowers would be the choice decor of the day. Are you that old too? These days it is common to fill the wall space with art. Lots of it. That could look great or go bad really fast, right?

This is how I would Fill an Empty Wall. I just love to have a special place where everyone can gather and help themselves to a warm cuppa’ coffee. So, If I had a big empty wall near the kitchen, I would fill it with a Dream Coffee Station that would have all my friends dropping by for their morning jolt refill.


In this imaginary room, I am dreaming of a Gray & Yellow color palette. I would start with an old console or dresser that I would repaint in a glazed golden-yellow (I know, vivid color imagination!) to set a sunny mood for the morning. The dresser would be topped with stainless steel. I love its durability and industrial-look and the metal gives the flat matte textured room a layer of gray that is smooth and shiny. The empty wall would get a chalkboard paint job, and chunky wood open shelves to hold cool displayed supplies. Pretty good imagination, right? I have gathered 13 (!) Inspiration photos so you can dream too. See if you can spot the photos I used to fill Photoshop my empty wall.

Coffee Station Process Made Simple

When I plan any decorating project I go through several steps. For this imaginary Coffee Station I went thru a similar process, with the help of Photoshop in this case.

the Vision – I look for Inspiration & ideas in magazines, catalogs, touring model homes, Pinterest and in blogger’s projects. Don’t get swept up in the photos, create and decorate spaces that work for you. I included some smaller more compact coffee station/bar photos for a scaled down inspiration.

BudgetList everything needed to creat your Dream project. I prioritize the elements according to what is most important in creating the look, adjusting the priorities to fit my budget, not the reverse. If you are a regular MML reader then you know my DIY’s have many happy surprises…caused when I have to adjust my plans.


Source: Me&Alice,



Paint, Paint, Paint – my BEST decorating tool is paint. A fresh paint will give personality to and instantly fill-in an empty wall. I love using chalkboard paint & graphics to define an area. Paint will pull mix-matched furniture pieces together without breaking the bank.








Source: has this chalkboard wallpaper if you are intimidated by making your own.



Shelves – Open shelving is such a trend today for all decorating styles and in all spaces. It gives you a display styling opportunity. Notice, in the photos, how uncluttered the open shelves look, even when they hold a lot of things. Top: Keeping it simple by repeating shapes, color or container styles gives an uncluttered look.









Supplies – the basics for any Coffee Station: coffee machine, coffee, filter/pods, cups/mugs, spoons, napkins. For a more complete Coffee Station: cappuccino machine, french press, tea pot & tea assortment, stirrers, special flavorings & condiments, small plates, to-go cups & (personalized?) heat sleeves, toaster, caddy/basket/pastry stand, glasses for frappes. A mini-Starbucks in the making…



What?? You don’t have an empty Wall that you can dedicate to a Coffee Station? No problem…do what I did and create a Coffee Bar on a counter top using a tiered caddy or even a tray, box or basket, to contain supplies and define the area. I look forward to changing mine out seasonally it’s a guaranteed cheap thrill decorating project (smile.)  Click HERE for my Fall Coffee Bar.




Do you have an empty wall that needs some lovin’?


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  1. Great ideas! I have a nice wooden bookshelf (about 5 ft tall 3 ft wide) just sitting in my garage. Do you think that might work for a coffee area for kitchen space? Any suggestions?

  2. Send me a pic of area and of the shelf and I will work up a picture. I think the chalkboard is fun to a quote or verse to. A nice spot to serve treats from when you have meetings too.

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