Weekend Wanderings 3.6

One thing about doing DIY projects that makes the chores seem more pleasurable, is getting to catch-up on my missed podcasts. I can be found with my earphones on, tethered to my smartphone, listening to podcasts while sanding, painting or just about anything where I can zone-out. That is exactly what I did while doing my last DIY, Window Trim Update.

I was happy to find that the Peppers were back for their new season of Marriage is Funny (really great episodes, they are now settled in California, real, with humor, relationship dialogue.) BUT…what I wanted to share with you today is a NEW podcast that I wandered upon. The Wellness Mama blogger, Katie, is now a Podcaster too!


Katie is a wife, and mom of 6! – where does she get the time & energy?! She hosts some very interesting guests and covers some amazing subjects. Check-out her podcast at, The Healthy Moms. I have listened to several and have learned so much about things I was not even aware of. I would say, if you have children or are pregnant or wanting to have children, her podcasts & posts are a MUST. She seems to be in the same tuned-in mine set of the Honest Company.


Katie “helps families live more naturally through practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning and natural remedies and more…”  I recommend YOU wander over to her podcast or blog today, I think you too will learn something beneficial. Even as an older person, ha, I am going to make some changes based on information I have learned from just a few of her podcasts.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Join me again Wednesday – I am Going GREEN with a St Paddy’s Day recipe post that includes a Freebie Printable (hint: hooch & a secret ingredient!)


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