Easiest Ever Shamrock Pot Pie

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Surprise! I’m switching up Weekend Wandering’s, by instead posting a simple food presentation idea for St Paddy’s Day. My Easiest-Ever Pot Pie. I guarantee, Irish eyes will be smiling when this fun Pot Pie is brought to the table. Aside from cabbage & corned beef, St Patrick’s Day is all about food-presentation, mostly achieved with green food coloring, right? Green beer, Green Eggs & Ham ; ) This super-easy Pot Pie takes only a few minutes more than taking a pre-made frozen pot pie from its box to bake…because that is what it is! By the way, there’s NO green food coloring involved.


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Pot Pie Preparation: Purchase your favorite Pot Pie in the frozen food section of the grocery store, then cut the pie’s top crust off. It only has to sit out a few minutes to soften the top pastry dough enough to pop off. Note: the pot pie stays frozen throughout this process, however, the new added crust top is thawed and pliable. Now, place the pot pie (it is missing the top crust) into an oven-proof individual baking dish (I got mine at Home Goods/Sense). Top crust: Lay out a thawed round of purchased Pie Crust dough, 1 round per individual pot pie is what I used.  Lay the baking bowl upside-down on the dough and press lightly to make a bowl-size impression. Then cut that out, ADDING an extra 1-inch all the way around. Cut a Shamrock design in the center of the new crust using a cookie cutter. Carefully place cut dough round onto the top of the pot pie and fold excess dough over and crimp to make a pretty edge. Bake now, or you can freeze to bake later. Bake according to Pot Pie baking directions. Enjoy…With a tall cold pint of green ale!

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Drop into my pub on Wednesday to see how to use ALL that extra pie crust dough.

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  1. That is so clever. Just seeing my favorite brand of pot pie makes me want to have one tomorrow. Pair the pie with the Irish Coffee and you are well on your to having a great St Patrick’s Day. I see there will be something for Wednesday. Looks like part three will be the final touch to this Irish meal.

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