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You may have noticed the colour palette (above) in my last post…so pretty. I made it using a photo from Pinterest that happened to contain all the colors in my new IKEA pillows.

How did I do that? It was a lot easier than you would think, and even more fun. I used a new free app downloaded for both my computer & smartphone. SW ColorSnap, allows you to match the colors in a photo to Sherwin-Williams (SW) paint. Here’s the best part…in the format of a colour palette!

You can either use a photo from your smartphone’s photo gallery or take a photo right then to use, or if you see a photo online (as I did in Pinterest above) use that image. SnapIt is an additional free download that works on your computer,not smartphone (I cover that process & and a link for all downloads at the end of the post.) I use SnapIt while surfing the web; I like the shape of the swatches (as in the above palette) better than the plain rectangles I get using ColorSnap on my phone (as in the below palette).


I like the colors in this basket of flowers on my porch…good inspiration. I used my ColorSnap iPhone app to photograph and create the palette. I can refer to this palette for projects combining these colors.

The SW ColorSnap app pulls out colors in the photo, but also allows you to choose more colors, then edit the colors. In the end, you have a pretty paint colour palette.


Photo Source: Pinterest then taken into SW ColorSnap Visualizer for color palette.


If you are a “Beginner to home decorating”… ColorSnap is the perfect tool to create that professional decorator look.

Here’s How…

Find an Inspiration piece that has colors you love, such as wall art, a pillow or wallpaper. Since all those types of items are created by color/design experts, you don’t have to do the hard work of combining colors yourself. I’m using ColorSnap on my Inspiration beach art painting (below) from Crate & Barrel’s website.

Phot Source: art from Crate & Barrel

Photo Source: Crate & Barrel

You can upload a saved photo of your Inspiration piece from your phones gallery, or take a photo of the piece right then to use. Think how handy that can be if you are out shopping and run across a fabric or painting you love!

The app will make a colour palette of the colors from your Inspiration piece photo. Tweak the colors making sure you include a neutral (white to black, or beige to brown). (Below photo) I am selecting colors: blue, green, brown and a white as neutral; in sea-foam & sand tones, from what was captured in the art. In edit mode the palette-captured pinks and yellows of the umbrellas, but I chose not to use them sorry I did not show that. Now –  with the beach inspired photo & colors still visible on my phone, I will SAVE IMAGE (on an iPhone), or if on a non-iPhone Save image to your gallery – I do this to keep my beach image and palette colors together. Otherwise in ColorSnap, if I did a SAVE or SHARE using their button, my beach image would be replaced with ColorSnap’s generic room scene. That would be fine if I wanted to test colors by painting in a room scenario, but I just want to keep my full Beach Inspiration Palette to refer to while shopping to decorate a room.


60-30-10 Rule: (this is really helpful for Beginners) Okay, with your colors from your Inspiration piece palette, this Rule will help you decide which colors in your inspiration palette go where in the room. Refine the palette into 3 main colors. (This is for Beginners, so I am assuming you are not attempting a monochromatic or a bohemian all-colors room.) Ignore the shades and tones of the colors, just drill-down to the 3 actual color families. You can see in my (below) photo, my drilled-down/grouped colors are white, aqua and I put green & brown tones together. The Rule typically breaks down as: 60% (Walls, floors), 30% (trim, larger furniture, sofa, bed, draperies), 10% (accent color of accessories, lamps, pillows; usually more saturated colors, not muted, are used as accents). Clarification…in the sample below, I could have painted the walls a green, assigning 60% as green, and making 30% as white, if using white for the window/door trim & a white sofa. Walls are not always going to be the most neutral color. Tip: It is best to take your non-changeable items (that are expensive to replace – like carpet or expensive rugs) into consideration FIRST when assigning the colors as 60-30-10. For instance, in a rental apartment, where you may not have the option to paint the walls, first assign that existing wall color to either the 60 or 30, depending on how it works with the rest of the space & furnishings.


Photo Source: Crate & Barrel. 60%=walls, trim, sofa. 30%=rug, chair &brown tones of floor. 10% pillows, art accessories, lamp.

Back to your phone’s ColorSnap palette…Now with it saved or printed you can refer to the colors while shopping for paint, rugs, bedding, lamps, fabrics & upholstered furniture & accessories.

The palette provides a guide for colors, so don’t feel that you have to match the exact colors.


SW ColorSnap Visualizer also has a feature where you can take a photo of your room or use one of the many rooms provided in the app, and pick the colors that you would like to test on the walls (and furnishings) by simply dragging the color swatch to colorize. I will show you next week how I am using this paint feature to update the inside of our lake cottage.

SW ColorSnap Visualizer first has to be downloaded to a computer then add the App to your smartphone. The mobile app is great for capturing on-the-fly color inspiration or instantly matching a color to Sherwin-Williams’ paint.

SnapIt, as I said, is for computers, it is NOT mobile-based. A link is provided at bottom of this post. Think of it as a capture button, (like the Pin It button for Pinterest,) that allows you to capture an image while surfing the web on a computer.

Here is the SNAP IT process…

When you see something online that you want to capture simply Click the ColorSnap icon that was downloaded to your computer. A ColorSnap active box comes up, now you can move your cursor over the desired image. SNAP IT button shows above image. Click SNAP IT button.


Your image Colour Palette is created.


To see more colors click Edit button. you can move over more choice, when satisfied click Save.


When Save is clicked, only the chosen left column colors show on-screen.


Share or print *.


*When you Save all colors, both chosen & alternate (edited out), will show in your Share or Print version, which is nice, in that, you have a record of all colors in the image.

or you can do as I do, take it into Elements and crop out the alternate colors column, as seen below.


Download SW ColorSnap HERE. This link has downloads for all versions of SW ColorSnap.

What Inspires your decorating color palette? 

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,

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