Weekend Wanderings 5.29

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  Paws to Remember those who fought for Our Freedom To my American friends, Happy Memorial Day!

DIY – Industrial Light Reveal

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Hello again Friends! If you missed last week’s Inspiration post, click HERE. Today is the Reveal…Whoohoo – of my Industrial Light Bracket DIY. The hardest part of this DIY was deciding on the design so I could buy the parts, and then it took “time” … Continue reading

Weekend Wanderings 5.22

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Here is something I learned recently. How to cook a better egg! Proving, “Old dogs can learn new tricks…” First let me say my (previous) favorite way to eat an egg is poached. Poached eggs, when done right, are pretty much … Continue reading

Industrial Light Inspiration

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I was Inspired by all the industrial lighting in restaurants, hotels and stores, while traveling throughout Eastern Europe earlier this year. They’re, for sure, workin’ the COOL factor in that part of the world. One hotel, in Prague, displayed huge recipe … Continue reading

Weekend Wanderings 5.15

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I’m sure you have some less than flattering photos of yourself or of friends stashed away in a drawer or on your cell phone ready to delete. I find that my most unflattering pose seems to be when I am … Continue reading

DIY – Easy Cable Knit Pillow

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This DIY may seem a bit off-season, because IT IS, but NOW is the time to think ahead and finish some projects for upcoming seasons. Especially since the holidays are busy enough, who wants to add more projects to that? I … Continue reading