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This DIY may seem a bit off-season, because IT IS, but NOW is the time to think ahead and finish some projects for upcoming seasons. Especially since the holidays are busy enough, who wants to add more projects to that? I get tired just thinking about it. Quick & easy little projects are fun to do during the summer when days are long and not very busy. A bonus incentive to get ahead of the rush is that stores have winter items at rock-bottom prices now! Here’s what I found…I had been wishing for a hand-knitted pillow to use in the fall & winter months. But I don’t knit no one is offering and the knitted pillows I saw in November are gone from the shelves…so I began watching YouTube tutorials about arm-knitting, which seemed doable. Then…


while shopping at World Market, (I still call it Cost Plus, that dates me 😉 I saw a rug on the clearance shelf. As I held it up admiring its knitted sweater-like texture, I could imagine it as a pillow for my Fall/Winter decor. NO knitting skills required! The rug just needed to be folded over, quick-stitched on 3 sides and stuffed to make a soft cozy pillow. I had some yarn that was close enough in color, and I purchased batting (a 27×27″ pillow form, 60% off, enough batting to also fill another (black & white) pillow.) I couldn’t find my yarn needle so I improvised (see photos). The project was simple and fit into one day – a day that was unexpectedly cloudy, when it felt good to stay indoors catching-up on missed episodes of the Good Wife, as I worked on the pillow off & on.

I found some knitted pillows online, they can get pricey –  $69.50  for the one below, which is similar to my much cheaper rug pillow.

Hand-Knit Cable Pillow Cover

Here’s How I Did It…






Doesn’t this look like I ‘m knitting? Ha that’s my “needle” a wire twisty tie for plastic bags.



cable-knit-pillow-500I could have left this project until Fall – BUT, once out-of-sight, it would be out-of-mind!  I am REALLY glad I went ahead and quickly knitted it.

What project can you do NOW to be ready for the Winter holiday?

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