Industrial Light Inspiration


I was Inspired by all the industrial lighting in restaurants, hotels and stores, while traveling throughout Eastern Europe earlier this year. They’re, for sure, workin’ the COOL factor in that part of the world. One hotel, in Prague, displayed huge recipe chalk-art on their restaurant walls, paired with funky bare bulbs hanging from bright red electrical cords. The artsy dining room can be viewed from the street, through floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the hotel, beckoning you in…to see more. I took photos of it thinking I could recreate some of the ideas myself.


Since arriving home, I have thought many times about how I could incorporate industrial lighting into our lake cottage. We already have bits & pieces of Industrial style mixed into a few rooms; our coffee table, some wall art, and rusty metal picture frames. I have an idea that industrial lights would fit best in the living room on the planked wall that will be started in June (while Captain is on his Guys’ trip.) I am imagining some sort of pipe bracket, that attaches to the wall, as a sconce to hang my vintage work light from. I have gathered some Industrial Light Inspiration to help me finalize a design. I recently purchased a work light (see below) from Decor Steals, it is similar to the light my dad would hang on his car hood as he repaired the engine (his hobby was restoring cars).



Gathered Inspiration…










Source: welc-home

Are you loving Industrial Lighting, too?

“Sconce” style – more what I’m going for…


Source: – I HAVE to work copper into mine!


Source: Etsy, NewWineOldBottles – hmm, a flange to attachment it to the wall…

So, here’s where it stands: I have the cool work-light fixture, I bought a 40 Watt vintage style Edison bulb, and I have a vague idea of what I want to do with it all now. I’m laying-out a design using the pipe & fittings I picked up at the hardware store yesterday morning. That took me forever, because I hadn’t done my gathering of inspiration yet! Too many choices – I had a young clerk assisting me, we both had pipe fittings (elbows, caps & connectors) pushed onto ALL our fingers & thumbs (like rings or black olives), testing each on how they fit and looked with a copper pipe and a black galvanized pipe. I was enjoying the process, but I am guessing he was  NOT so much. I’m sure he will hide when he sees me walk into OSH plumbing department next time. I can’t wait to get this DIY going!

Meet Me Lakeside next week to see the results…fingers crossed.

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