Weekend Wanderings 6.26


You know how you get all that “stuff” delivered to your email? My email has piled up lately, I really should just delete it ALL, but then, that is hard, I feel the need to at least do a quick-look at the subjects…just in case something important or great is hidden among all the stuff! Yesterday that happened, I found that great ONE email! The moment I opened it I knew I would be there for a while, or at least long enough to watch one video, then a second, until I had watched a bunch of them!  I learned all kinds of new ways of looking at things from watching the videos… mainly about Food and Relationships.

Below is the link to Mind Body Green Revitalize2016 for you to enjoy, too…. Really each of the videos (scroll through them) will surprise you. Don’t ignore a video because of the title and miss grabbing its golden nugget. The speakers I liked most are: Drs. Hyman, Kahn & Lipman (especially panel discussions), Dr. Sue Johnson (couples therapist), Dr Terry Wahls (wow what a story), Drs. Amy Myers & Robynne Chutkan.

Link to all videos: Mind Body Green Revitalize conference 2016 and more

Now, to save you from another Inbox email, I have one more thing to add…

Topaz Labs released its AMAZING MAJOR UPDATE of their plug-in, Impression 2!

I want to share a coupon discount with you instead.

As always, Topaz Labs update is free to anyone who already owns Impression. And for those who don’t own it,

Impression 2 will be on SALE (40% off!) from June 23rd – July 7th.

Use the Coupon Code: 2IMPRESS for a discounted price of $59.99 (regularly $99.99).

Topaz Impression generates natural painterly effects by painting brushstrokes one at a time. (It does this very fast!) Impression can paint over 10,000 brushstrokes in less than a second, all while completely following your artistic direction, making truly personal art that you can call your own.

*I personally would recommend the free trial, if only to see if it runs on your computer, because of the higher level of graphics card needed. But don’t wait too long to decide to purchase! This discounted price only goes through July 7th.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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Disclaimer: I am a Topaz Labs Affiliate, so your purchase, when you go through MML links, provides a small stipend. That said, my opinions and comments about TL are my own. I love, love this company and their products and services, and I  am proud to share them with you.