Healthy Iced Coffee



Here in the states it is a holiday weekend and I am taking advantage of getting a bonus post out today instead of posting Wednesday. It was crazy-hot last week so I could not stay outside long enough to get any of my MML projects done. Because of the heat I noticed my morning cup of hot coffee was not very appetizing. I saw that Starbucks offers a new cold brew iced coffee made from blonde roasted beans. It is supposed to be smoother tasting. I decided to buy Starbucks’ Via Instant Veranda Blend, blonde roast, to make myself up a healthy (non-sugary) version of their vanilla iced latte. I am pretty sure you will want to add a bit of sweetness to my recipe, but to keep it Healthy use Stevia as your sweetener.

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I chose to use pure vanilla extract & whole cows’ milk instead of the newest Almond Milk vanilla creamer on the market. I find almond milk to be oily tasting not creamy like cows’ milk. Have you heard of  A2 protein-type milk? Most other countries have had A2-type milk on their shelves for years. For this recipe I chose A2 (brand) an A2-type cows’ milk to give it a taste try. I don’t see that it’s Organic-Certified so I most likely will not buy it again, but it is rather good tasting. Here’s the skinny on A2 type milk…if you have a lactose intolerance it could be because most American milk has A1 or A1/A2 protein not A2 (only) protein. That little protein difference changes how we digest milk. Here is a link that explains cows’ milk differences.

 Healthy Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee

  • up to 8 oz cold filtered water
  • 1 packet Starbucks Via Instant Blonde Roast Veranda Blend Coffee (or 1-3 tsp organic instant coffee)
  • 3/4 C whole milk
  • Vanilla extract (or other flavoring extracts)
  • Stevia (optional for sweetness)
  • Ice
  • a jar to shake coffee in & a smaller jar to shake/froth milk

(serves 1) Fill a 12-16 oz canning jar *less than half-way with cold water, add instant coffee, cover with lid & shake to mix. Add ice leaving enough room for milk mixture. Pour milk into another smaller jar add flavoring extract & optional Stevia (to taste), shake vigorously 30 seconds to form a froth. Pour milk over iced coffee. Add a straw and enjoy. * the ice will dilute strength of coffee so it should start Strong.


Two Tips: The fat content of whole milk will shake to a frothy creamy goodness for a smooth quality. Non-milk and lower fat content milks do not froth when shaken. Don’t cheat yourself by using imitation vanilla. I used Madagascar real vanilla extract, a bottle of quality vanilla will not age if refrigerated up to 2 years.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside, see you next week!

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