Amazing Potting Bench REVEAL


Part 3, the Reveal – a transformation from plain Serving Table to garden-look Potting Bench/Serving Table. And it is a SIMPLE redo!


MML Before table 500

If you missed the Plan & Build Part 2 post go there to see how I built the simple post & rail backing that makes all the difference. This remember is the same table, no changes to the bottom section, I just added an upper backing with shelves and all the phoo-phoo details! And best yet…I have NO special wood-working skills nor fancy tools; and NO fear (sigh). All the wood was cut to my measurement plans by the nice guys at Lowe’s home improvement. Captain cut, using a jig saw, the beadboard and the simple curve on the side rails. The only other tools were a drill & hammer and my trusty ice pick that I mark drills holes with. I used a couple of levels, various nails, screws, nuts/bolts and washers. An old electric stapler, I have for recovering chairs, was used to attach the wire grid. That’s it. Well, a paint brush if you call that a tool (I do.)



Wow! Right? I bet I am more shocked by the transformation then you.

During the build stage, I used big bolts & wing nuts (on the backside) to attach the horizontal braces/shelves so I could remove & re-attach them easily several dozen times throughout the build process. I ended Part 2 with wing nuts attached and all the wood primed white. (Photo below). I kept that hardware on until after the wood was painted mint, so they were pretty messed up. I needed to twist them a few times to keep them from being paint on permanently.


The MAGICAL DETAILS that transformed our plain Jane table into a believable potting bench began as I painted the whole piece a minty color…lighter than the original leaf green color. What I love about this mint color is its lack of gray tone. It is a clear color – fresh & updated. I then used a Limewash technique that gives a lived-in feel yet, because it is white, it remains fresh & clean


After limewashing, I am giving it two coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax protection, but this is a slow process in our summer heat. The wax will give a honed sheen that will visually unite the paint & limewash layers giving it depth, and after it cures, provide tough protection.

Details that MAKE the Transformation

This is the fun part…I incorporated a boatload of Inspired Details into my Potting Bench design to create that stylish “garden vibe”.



I also glued & caulked a piece of trim molding to cover the joint gap where the backing meets the table (shown in next photo). I have accumulated a stash of trims from other DIYs.

Beadboard Backing & Side Rails…


Wire Grid…


Hook Rack…


I paid a dollar for this coated wire rack at Dollar Tree. It was attached to the back of the shelf so the top doesn’t show, giving it a clean look.



Stainless Steel Magnetic Rack… Ikea Magnet Knife Rack.


Storage Containers (To come) – I am still on the hunt for 1-2 large storage containers for the lower shelf of the table. I found a galvanized Smith & Hawkins at Target that may work, but is pricey (maybe I can do a hack.) I found stacked wood bins (Target) that remind me of those used in commercial garden nurseries.


Be brave Ladies, YOUR creative possibilities are unlimited, no special skills required, just Inspiration!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside. In case you are wondering the true color of my mint paint, since my photos are varied due to lighting- the photo under “After” subhead is most accurate. The color reminds me of pastel mint macaroons I would see in a French pâtisserie, so lovely.

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  1. Can’t wait for Fall! I just put wax on a small section in this cooler morning and now hope it dries fast enough to get it off before 8am. Too hot & smokey to go outside.

  2. It really looks great. Quite a difference, this is a major from before to after. Makes working in all this hear worth it. I can see wine bottles and glasses when entertaining and then a switch back to potting. Dual purpose piece and much more interesting than before.

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