Weekend Wanderings 8.28



Hygge must be what I felt this week as I sat on the patio (finally the weather is cooler) and sipped my first mug of PSL. The smell was divine. With all the political negativity on television nowadays, I have pretty much tuned-out all that noise, instead concentrating on some hygge activities. Decorating for Fall has only fueled my yearning for a snugly home atmosphere. It’s still a few weeks too early for this attitude, but I am more than ready for a new season. Just the mere change to a Fall colour palette has quieted my soul. So, are you  wondering, “What is hygge?” you want IT, right?

Well, when I opened my Flipboard app yesterday I saw THIS article about something in Denmark that is getting global attention.

“Danes do “cozy” like no other nation. Your average home will look like something out of an ideal home supplement: lots of natural materials like wood and leather, lamps artfully positioned to create soothing pools of light.”
         – Helen Russell

Bring a  little Hygge into your weekend!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,

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