Weekend Wanderings 9.11


For today, September 11, a date that holds so many emotional memories, I hope to lighten the mood by sharing a beautiful find. I know you like that idea.

A favorite site that pops into my email occasionally is Bari j. Designs. The talented artist behind the bright & cheery designs is Bari J. Ackerman. Check out her fabric designs pillows & quilts…magical!! I love to download her free cell phone screen artwork, just opening my phone and seeing her pretty screen saver makes me smile. I tend to grow so fond of the current screen design that, when a new design is offered, I have to force myself to do a replacement download, then, of course, I get completely attached to it too.

Below is a video that she shared this week on her site. Oh my gosh, if I could paint like that! You’ll see by the end of the video, part of Bari’s style is to add these tiny sweet details, yet she keeps the look so simple and clean. Her shadowing and the eyes…Such talent! Enjoy…

thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Note: Lately, you may have noticed MML posts have been heavy on shared video links. Sometimes blogging-life and real-life compete for my time. Well, sad situations in my current real-life must take priority at this time. So for the next few weeks I will pull back from my blog by continuing to link more, so please hang in here with me…I know you will enjoy these sites and video links.

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