My Missed Goal…


Have you ever set a goal only to repeatedly miss it? This goal I set for myself was to attend a blogger’s conference sometime during this second-year of blogging MML. I even narrowed it down to a choice of two conferences where I thought I would find my tribe. Do you like to attend conferences? I have always enjoyed going to giant gatherings of like-minded people, a place to learn and get refueled for the upcoming year. Through the years I have gone to many national and local conferences. I always felt comfortable, even among strangers, feeling I was in my tribe. But finding a blogger’s conference seemed different…for the first time I began to question finding that comfort zone…there was ONE particular thing I kept noticing…AGE! Would I feel comfortable or even be accepted into a tribe of younger women? Wow, is this how it feels to be a minority? Would I stick out like a giant at a little people’s convention?

It doesn’t matter now anyway. I could not get tickets to either of my chosen conferences. They sell-out within hours of ONLINE Early Registration.

Recap: This WAS going to be my year to go to ALTitude Summit (Blogger) Conference 2017, but it ain’t goin’ to happ’n. It is IN California…the transportation would have been cheap via car. I won’t even think about how we could have made it into a sunny (extended) retreat from our central California fog. I could scream! NOoooo! But I won’t…instead, I am binge-watching all last year’s ALT Winter 2016 (Salt Lake City) videos of amazing speakers.

The videos are great, almost like being there; but without the energy that fills a massive convention theater of excited tribes(wo)men, who are away from the kiddos and ready to par-te. I miss that. Maybe next year…

I am sharing a favorite, the closing keynote speaker, Elle Luna’s talk, The Crossroads of Should & Must, it’s so good!

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Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside, I just remembered Palm Springs is a Mid-Century haven, grrrr

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