Weekend Wanderings 10.16


I can’t believe I almost forgot to post today! I got totally caught up in the TTAC Ultimate Symposium! It is Day 3 of the event. I hope you are watching it too, honestly, a few moments caught me off guard; new ways of thinking and amazing information…more about that later…I’m still processing it all.

All that aside, I got few emails from readers about the stand I used to display the Welcome Fall chalkboard Freebie last week.

I know, it is so versatile! Normally I use it as an iPad stand so I can read a recipe as I cook. I use my iPad as my cookbook, for online and archived recipes.

It’s fun to display a digital image I save from the Internet or play a slideshow of family photos. The best part is that the stand doesn’t look like clutter on the counter and my digitally made chalk art (shown above) can be printed, trimmed and taped onto the tablet stand, so it is easy to change the saying each season.

You can easily make one, too! I purchased the wood stand at a craft store last summer on clearance. It is intended to be a “cookbook stand” and had an original stain of orange and brown. Did not fit my decor but was an Easy fix…

Processed with Snapseed.

I drilled a hole in the bottom back to accommodate the tablet’s charging cord and I repainted it using gray chalk paint with a lighter gray dry-brushed on before lightly sanding and distressing. If you want to paint an area for writing with chalk (optional): After 24-hrs tape off an area to create a later chalk area to protect it while I clear waxed the gray painted areas. The next day reverse that taped area to create a chalkboard writing area, by spraying 2-coats of black chalkboard paint for a writing area. That’s it! Note that if you are not planning on writing your own chalk on the tablet, skip the taping & black chalk paint. Just print and attach chalk art.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Drop by next week to see my DIY HACK, inspired by a photo of a favorite interior designer’s living room. A DIY, so easy, that I worked on it over two days while tethered to watching the TTAC symposium.

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