Freebie Fall Digital Wallpaper

I bet you’re like me…I love to change my device wallpapers and screensavers to images that fit the new Season. Fall is always the one season when I never miss changing my computer & phone wallpaper photo. I love to open my device and get gobsmacked that ol’ Octobery feeling. For me, Fall always translates to warm colors; orange & amber leaves, fall fruit, a mug of spicy hot cider, or the crackling flames in a fireplace.



I decided that offering a Seasonal Freebie Wallpaper image would be a great way to share my “evolving” Still Life portfolio, as I work my way through my year-long Studio 2.0 class. Not a whole bunch, just one photo for Fall, then one each for Winter, Spring & Summer, with a few thrown in special photos. The Season change will give me a prompt for styling of the photo shoot, although the class has some pretty interesting prompts already, that I will share in upcoming weeks go. Class prompts thus far, which I have yet to complete, are Foraging, Shooting from AbovePouring, and The Human Touch (where a part of a body shows in the Still Life setting, cool huh?) I also have been inspired by some of the props & setups we are using. I keep getting home decorating ideas while going through the photography material! Funny how Everything Beautiful and Creative seem to be linked. Here’s an example…A great idea for using a canvas painter’s dropcloth came out-of-the-blue (from classmate) during a Facebook Live (video) Studio 2.0 session…dropcloth…now that’s something I feel comfortable using. Get this…a black chalkboard-painted dropcloth hung by grommets to be used as a backdrop for moody still life photos. I can do that! Do you, like me, see a decorating alternative use for that chalk-painted dropcloth? Oh my gosh, my ideas for redecorating an office/studio are swarming now.


Image of Fall Wallpaper. Grab your image below.

Back on subject…As you can tell my Fall Wallpaper image is from a recent Harvest Box post, not using any correct lighting principles or lighting aides (yikes!) I installed it as my iPhone & laptop wallpaper. The photo gives me that warm Fall feeling each time it pops up; I love that blast of Fall from the colors of the persimmons, mums and the old pumpkin can label. So I think the photo is perfect to share as my first Fall Wallpaper. Give it a try and enjoy!

Grab your Fall Wallpaper/Screensaver below…

Download 1440 x 900

Download 1920 x 1080

Download 1024 x 768

Download 1280 x 800

Download 800 x 600

Download iPhone 6/6s 

Download iPhone 6+/6s+ 

Download iPhone 5/5s 

Download iPhone 4s

iPad (rotatable)

iPad mini

*Due to the orientation and original resolution of this photo, I have omitted  larger device screen sizes. In the future photos will accommodate those size monitors.

Once you Save the image it to your device, Save it as a Wallpaper (for iPhone: under Settings>Wallpaper>Choose New Wallpaper (browse for image on your Camera Roll) – then I hit the Still or Perspective button BUT pinch it down to show entire image (which makes it a Still setting), and Set then select the screen you want it to show on – I use Lock Screen – Sorry, I’m an Apple girl, so I’m not sure how to set Wallpaper on Android devices.

Maybe you can help me…since I can only test the resolutions & quality on the devices we own, please let me know, in below Comments, if a link is not working or if image quality is not satisfactory. I vacillate on what resolution and choice of quality is needed while not becoming too bulky for devices. Whoosh, this is a process…

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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