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London 2010

I’m sharing an amazing KickStarter project I saw through my photography class. I am totally attracted to the story of Henry Lohmeyer and his project to cast a light on those who are Unseen

“We all live with trepidation over an edge we perceive. Often this fear closes our eyes to those who, like us all, deserve to be seen. It’s our fear that is screaming and it’s our fear that enhances that edge and divides us all. In this fear, in this projected shame, we dehumanize others and we dehumanize ourselves.”

– HENRY LOHMEYER                                                             

(wow, powerful words)

Henry’s plan is to photograph refugees, then using his photos and stories he will create the book, Edge. The book will shine a bright light on our often dark & dismal conflicted world. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to watch this as it unfolds. Please pop into his Kickstarter campaign for details.

“This is the Edge. It’s the place we move towards—away from the center of the boat. It’s where real connection happens. It’s vulnerable and it’s real.” 



In the past I have “followed” some other amazing journeys, via online postings, and I look forward to following Henry’s. If you never have followed someone’s journey online, I would encourage you to donate $10 to this Kickstarter project and strap-in…it will be a unique adventure. Henry’s photos & words are going to be so personal as he gives us a peek into the true world of Those Unseen refugees. Please don’t miss out!

Ok, Next Up…

Are you watching any of the new fall season television shows? Just sayin’, I’m NOT disappointed this year, there are some really good shows in the lineup. Good news because I am ready to look forward to a show like in the good ‘ol seasons of Downtown Abby.

In fact, ONE show, this season, may end up being my all-time favorite, have you seen it? This is Us. It is so beautifully written about family relationships, particularly that of siblings. I kept telling my friends, “You’ve gotta watch it!” But…then again…I told them it was called, “Next Up(uh, or something, like that – ‘This is Next?? or Next to Us???’) – I don’t know, just look for it under ‘Next‘…” I had to admit that I had no idea why I could not remember its correct title…

Then the other night, (sigh) after I watched the FOURTH episode, I realized I was seeing the little Pop-UP, in the bottom corner, often during the show, which read, “Next Up (fill in the show that follows) – Ooooh! You guys, it really sucks when your brain gets to this point. Anyway, great new tv series…destined to sweep this year’s Emmy. Let me repeat…the tv show is called, This is Us. Note: Because it is so differently written in order to cover two generations, it bounces between cast members (2 sets/generations of them) from childhood-to-present time, (got that : ) you need to watch it from the first episode, otherwise you will become confused like me.

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