Photo Studio/Workspace


Well finally…a little corner carved out of our guest room is functioning as my photo “Studio” – an area probably better described, because of size, as my photo “work space.” But I am going with Studio since it sounds better. I was surprised on a day I planned to shoot my first photos, it was a gray mid-day so the sun did not shine through the west-facing window. So I gathered my “stuff” and moved into the living room for the first shoot.

Studio/Work Space

Here is my Studio in the guestroom. The dresser makes a good stand, but it needs to be moved so it is not on the window wall. That’s a problem since the bed takes up most of the room. I am pushing for a smaller bed replacement in the near future.


This is my “Studio” on a sunnier day. See how nice the light can come through the sheers filtering the bright light? All of my props fit in a basket for now.

Below, the low coffee table in my temporary work space was great for Above shots.



To control light…bouncing, reflecting and blocking, I made my own light reflector boards. I created a 3-panel light board by taping 3 foam core boards (from Dollar Tree Store) together. So simple, I made one black and one white. They are taped on both sides so the panels easily fold for storage. The photo shows the wide-taped boards’ backside, the frontside tape blends in with the board to hide the joints.


See the large bed that is sucking up floor space of my Studio?

I used the white boards to reflect light on the Foraged beach props in Sunday’s Weekend Wanderings 11.6 post HERE

After that Foraged lighter shot, I practiced shooting from above with the black boards (photo below) to create shadows for a dark moody shot. Light from a large south window is behind me.


A change of props, to pinecone & pumpkins, provided the needed shadow & texture interest for a dark& moody edit.


SOOC (straight out of camera, unedited)

(Below) in Light Room the image got a dark, moody preset from Kim Klassen’s collection. The burlap and flannel made quite a shift.


I continued to play around with presets and found I prefer the light & airy feel, even though I had shot the pinecone with the black boards for shadows…


It may be that “Dark and Moody” is going to be more challenging for me to do. I know, from looking at Instagram, it is common for others to have a light or dark preference and get kind of stuck on that look.

Do you have a Work Space for your hobby?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,

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