Veterans Day – Hear the Silence


Today’s Veterans Day has a different feel about it, coming off the muck of a Presidential election. Today just feels amiss. Electing a new President, a man, Mr. Trump, who has brought out the very worst in many Americans. Who has been elected to our highest office, after using language that excludes so many People from the very freedoms Those have fought and died to protect. Now we are told to, “Unite”… I, for one, am not ready to throw him my blind support…this is a time when Government is going to have to earn it.


I am from the Boomer generation, having lived through wars than I care to count (“lived through” meaning, “butt parked on a comfortable chair in front of the television, no bombs flying over.”) I have known many Veterans, through my six decades, who returned from seeing battle, yet they never spoke of it. No heroic tales to share around the dinner table for these Vets of War; WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf and Afghanistan (too much war.) Yes…I’ve known many sons & daughters who hear war stories for the first time, as told by their father’s old friend, at his funeral. That Silence, when I was a younger woman, seemed odd, but not so much anymore. War experience I realize is nothing like told in the truest of war movies and especially nothing like in the newer generations’ guts & glory video games. Instead it is too often only relived by Vets in “smothering dreams” – no words to share, memories not to be glorified. You see, that Silence is what WE need to be listening to. It is the sound of the price paid for our freedoms, heard in those “smothering dreams.”

I am linking to a post of one of my favorite blogs, Gad About Town, by Mark Aldrich (a dedicated to cause journalist). HERE The post got me thinking more clearly this morning about my country, Patriotism and the price paid for our freedoms. My morning got started by watching a video post on Facebook reminding us, once again, that WE need to Come Together & Unite behind Trump. Sorry…I can’t do that…not for the lack of Patriotism, but because the price of Freedom has been too great to stand behind someone who doesn’t deserve it. This much We owe Them.

Please take time to read Gad About Town today, especially the poem, Dulce et Decorum Est, by Wilfred Owen.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,

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