Faux Birch Candles


This is so Simple and looks so high-end that you will be covering all your candles in birch bark gift wrapping paper.


Faux…Left or Right?



Compare, can you tell the Faux from the Real birch bark?

I purchased my real birch candles for last year’s Nordic Christmas and have used them many times throughout the year. They were a little pricey, even at Home Goods. Now I can get the SAME LOOK for just a few cents! Check out how my paper wrapped birch bark candle compares with real birch candles. Truthfully, I like the faux candle better, when it is turned on (battery operated) the faux candle has an all-over warm golden glow.


Birch bark gift wrap paper was purchased at Home Goods for only $3. (30 sq. ft roll.) It is a thick paper with a realistic birch texture even when placed next to real birch.


Cut wrapping paper larger than height of candle and long enough to wrap around candle once with a little overlap. I folded my paper at the top and bottom so that the top paper extended a little over the top of candle and the bottom paper edge was flush with candle base. Do not attach yet. Crease the folds so that you can tear the paper instead of cutting with scissors. The tear does not have to be perfect, the roughness looks realistic to broken bark. Lay paper on table with candle on top. With paper straight to the candle’s length – tape the first edge to candle, now roll and check the top & bottom edges. Adjust if needed, and tape the paper edge. That’s it – only a few minutes, looks real.

Caution: since the wrapping paper is flammable, it should not be used to wrap a real flame candle – instead use a battery operated candle or a candle inside glass.


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