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Since January is my month to Declutter, Clean & Organize, I’m sharing my Numero Uno Tip that should be included in every Organizing Plan. This past week I’ve been working on EXTREME closet decluttering and reorganizing at the lake cottage. I feel that whole sentence should have been typed in all-CAPS! My closet reorganization project is still a BIG work-in-progress. In fact, as I type the piles left in the hallway are calling out to me, or maybe that’s Captain. But I want to take a minute to share with you one method that has helped make my declutter/organize project much easier. It is pretty simple, and you may already use this little trick in other daily routines. But sometimes being aware of it will help you get started & complete any task. The Tip is:  Mise en Place. (Click for Full definition) – French for, to setup or prepare before your begin. Although that term more commonly is used in the cuisine world, it is helpful when applied to organizing your house.


as I said, I am still deep in-the-process of hall closet organization, so no After photos today.

Ack! That is one hot mess! And there are more closets like it.

How does a cooking-term relate to closet organization? If you have cooked a meal in a rush, you know how easy it is to leave out a major ingredient. When I was new at cooking that happened often, until I began to lay out all the ingredients before (mise en place) assembling the recipe. For me, Mise en Place is also the first step in my process of Organizing any space. This is why it works. If I can focus on removing all the items and cleaning the area I get a big motivational boost to finish the whole project. Part of that focus is to STAY in the project area. Enter Mise en Place…I gather the vacuum, trash bags, boxes for Keep or Donate, right next to the closet. Then I gather all the things I might need into a container; cleaning supplies, dust cloth, tape, scissors, marking pen, rubber bands, shelf liner, measuring tape…mise en place, so I don’t get distracted by going to another room to get them. Included in the basket is a pen & note pad to jot what I need to purchase.

So with everything at hand (in place) the project gets DONE!

What is Your Best Organizing Tip?

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