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Something surprising came out of my closet organization frenzy…MORE space than I had expected. Since my last DeCluttered Linen Closet Reveal I have moved on to declutter two more hall closets. One is a cabinet, technically not a “closet.” It is within that cabinet “space” that I found an Opportunity to create an area dedicated to ALL things “Gift Wrap.” I’m sharing a DIY Gift Wrap Stand I made as a simple solution to store ten rolls of gift wrap vertically.

To take up less space I made two stands that each hold 5 rolls of gift wrapping paper. I have a lot more than 10 rolls but, with 10, it was easy to choose my favorites.

This 2-door storage cabinet is deep and near the living room so it will be a perfect place to gather all my wrapping goodies…and there is a ton!

The top shelf of this cabinet has a tall ceiling so the paper rolls could be stood on-end. I designed a simple peg holder on which the tube of wrapping paper slips over. I added a short back to the base so I could Velcro the stand to the wall for added stability.

Wrapping station/closet/room…hey, it’s a Girl-thing. It goes along with a Craft room – which I don’t have either – but I mentioned that other closet I’m also working on…it’s now for Craft storage. I am still working on it so I see another post on closet organization coming…can you stand to read another one?

But today, here’s HOW to make my simple Gift Wrap Stand –  first a Before photo to show the “Stuff” I pulled out of my gift wrap cabinet. Yikes!


Tools: saw, drill & hammer.


  1. Cut base & backing wood to fit your area (pay attention to both vertical space and depth of shelf, if inside a cabinet. Test it by standing the tubes to see if tube can be lifted over peg without hitting ceiling & figure number of pegs that fit. Mark peg spacing on base wood.
  2. Cut peg lengths from dowel. Make pegs as tall as you can and still remove wrap (if limited vertical space) Drill pilot holes for nails in both the wood base & bottom of dowel pegs.
  3. Sand the dowel pegs to smooth the rough cut edges.
  4. Nail the pegs to the base wood (nailing) from the bottom of the base wood. I put the nail thru base where it peeks out the top side enough to stick nail Tip into the pilot hole drilled in the bottom of the peg. Then with peg upside down on a hard surface, hammer nail from the bottom-side of the base. The peg will support the base as you hit the nail.
  5. Glue & nail the backing wood piece to the base edge. I did pilot holes for both pieces of wood to make it easier.

Paint & Attach to wall for added stability using Velcro or two screws. Load with your favorite gift wrap rolls. Add a container of tape scissors, ribbon & bows to the area to create  a convenient wrap center.

Do you see that I am teasing you? I only Revealed what was behind door #1 of my 2-door Gift Wrapping Center!

Drop by next week for the total Reveal. This stand was so simple and cheap that I made two to hold gift wrap AND a smaller version, for door #2, to hold my washi tape : ) Oh my gosh, this little closet is so functional, I can’t believe I did not do this sooner.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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