DIY – Wrapping Center Reveal

gift wrap center in a hall closet/cabinet

DIY Gift Wrap Center

I’m back with the REVEAL of what is behind door#2 in my Pretty & Functional Wrapping Center closet! This has been a fun and so needed update of our lake cottage. My new need for specialty-storage was becoming more clear, as I realized how often I was faced with cluttered closets & piles in the guest rooms – as Captain noticed…all HER stuff. Space function in a house must adapt along with the new stages of its inhabitants. We have lived in a house that for years functioned great for our family, but now as empty-nesters, Captain & I get to rethink the space, so it fit our new lifestyle. I love being able to carve out space in the hallway for my new hobbies…My Own Space!

Along with Door #2 Reveal, I also reveal the final styling of the upper (door #1) cabinet – so grab a cup o’Joe, this will take a while. As you recall from my last post…the TOP cabinet has two shelves dedicated to everything I need to wrap a beautiful gift (sigh) I finally have a box of stationery and greeting cards; no more searching for that perfect card I tucked away for an upcoming event. So convenient! I did splurge (a bit) on some supplies and tools to fit my color palette, you’ll spot them in the photos. The bottom cabinet, two shelves, (door #2) is dedicated to my blog; props and supplies. That stuff was growing and taking-over any empty flat surface in the house.

Remember here is how it looked when I pulled the “stuff” from the cabinet – the Beforeand there is another table piled high too, but this is embarrassing enough

If you missed the Gift Wrap Paper Stand DIY post, you can read it HERE. That’s where we left off. You’ll see I did some more sprucing of that area too. On to the final Reveal.

Upper cabinet shelves – Wrapping Center…

pretty clips keep the wrapping paper neat & tidy…

everything has a place…

The Washi Tape Rack is a smaller version of the Gift Wrap Stand and mounts, with Velcro, to the wall. I love it! I put extra WT into a mounted plastic container. I guess over time I went crazy on Washi, so when I finally get through these rolls I will be more discretionary in my purchases : )

I found the best prices for racks & containers in the aisle where stores carry bathroom and kitchen organizers. This one (below) is made for a shower storage, and is a quarter-of-the-cost of racks in the home decor section.

and the cabinet door backside…why not?

now, Behind Door #2…

The containers helped me corral and make the best use of the cabinet’s deep shelves –  I have more room than expected, I guess that means more containers to come : ) I was able to use the entire bottom cabinet for MML blog ephemera. The top container is already full of supplies for “To-Do” Spring DIY posts!

It will be nice to go to just one organized cabinet when I begin a project, instead of digging through the many bags that were stuffed into closets throughout. All the little props that I have accumulated (bowls, cups and tea towels) are also conveniently stored thrown into the lower striped bin. I feel so organized and ready to Make & Create, just in time for Spring season.

Sources: Colored fabric collapsible Bins, Plastic & Wire Containers (Walmart). Colored Clips & Push Pins boxed set (Home Goods). Pencils & Pencil Sharpener, Mood board Calendar & Note pad (Target). Aqua Scissors & Aqua Martha Stewart Stencil Tape (Michaels).

Where have you carved out Your Own Space?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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