Weekend Wanderings 3.19

With Spring upon us, NOW is a great time to turn some of your clutter into CA$H by having a Yard Sale.

Yesterday I spent a half-day working/visiting at a Yard Sale – to earn money for the cost of my son’s 5-month mission.

Although it was a successful event, it reminded me of how important the little details of selling, even discards, can be. Yard sales really do take a lot of prep work; gathering item, pricing, and getting the word out, but, from my observation, it’s the SET UP and DISPLAY of the goods, to draw the customers “in”,  that is crucial for BIG success. You need buyers to get out of their cars, and purchase, right? because if you have no buyers…you have no profit at the end-of-the-day. So what it comes down to is how customer-friendly you have made the yard sale, that gets your junque flying out the “door”  (at a decent price) – and makes the big CA$H.

I wandered across this article, HERE, that drills down on a few simple ways to display the merchandise and customer-friendly pricing –  Enjoy.

What is you BEST Tip for a successful yard sale?