2017 Spring Mantel Makeover


Decorating for Spring, I found, quickly becomes an exercise in lightening-up a space. In the middle of gathering treasures for last weekend’s yard sale, I found a couple of Spring pictures that had been tucked in closets for a few years now. One picture with a bird the other with potting tools…just enough of a Spring-look to get me thinking, I could add a few more spring items and have a quick and easy Spring mantel makeover. So in the middle of gathering junque & all my Easter projects, I was able to decorate what seems like a whole room in less than an hour. It was funny that Captain’s immediate reaction when he walked into the room was, “it looks lighter.” Exactly! That’s the idea…Spring decor should give a Fresh, New, Lighter feel.

At first I used old placed nails to hang the larger picture, then, liking a more casual feel, I leaned it instead.

As not to clutter the mantel, I opted for more shine with a second cloche instead of more white vases, as I originally had used. Bringing in clear glass will add sparkle and height without adding that clutter. Once the second cloche was added, I used a pedestal (candle holder) to lift the tray of hyacinth bulbs to more prominence and to balance the weight of the mantel.

Everything used came from the house, so no time wasted shopping and no money spent, makes this Spring Makeover one of my favorites. See the egg topiary from a past DIY post? You can find it here, How to Make an Egg Topiary video. At the last-minute I hung a wooden bunny garland that I had picked up in the Target seasonal bargain area last year and never used.

I hope this inspires you to shop your house and create a Spring display that will refresh & lighten a room For Spring!

Are you lightening-up your decor for Spring?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! Drop by Sunday, I am unpacking some goodies I bought at the Yard Sale, and planning their Upcycle for a new life at the lake cottage. It will be fun to transform someone else’s discard into a new treasure.