Three Ways to Refresh a Bathroom for Spring

We had a busy first weekend of April…Captain spent Saturday morning raking the twigs and debris from the gusty winds that hit us, while I stayed inside preparing the bathroom for Spring guests. I definitely got the better deal when it comes to chores, although when I say, “Preparing the guest bathroom,” that also includes Cleaning, boo but fortunately it also means “Decorating.” Decorating a bathroom is a lot fun, because for very little cost the entire bathroom can quickly get a new seasonal look. Just a few special touches make a huge difference! Please, don’t tell me you don’t spruce up your bathroom too. A simple refresh of season in the public spaces of your home will convey to your family & guests that you care enough to create & share a pretty space for them.

When it comes to bathrooms, nothing says, “Fresh as Spring,” more than everything sparkling clean and a nice scent. With Easter coming soon, I take advantage of spring-cleaning to replace the old towels with fluffy NEW towels and I refresh the hand soap… this year, to do the trick, I purchased ONE pretty yellow bath towel and a bottle of mango-papaya scented liquid soap. While cleaning, I noticed that the shower curtain was beginning to look “dingy,” so I tossed it in the washer…wow, am I surprised in the difference! Now that the bathroom smells fabulous and sparkles, there are three more things I do to kick-the-look all the way into Spring.

3 Simple Spring Bathroom Refreshes:

  1. Pretty Spring Hand Towel – I get my decorative bathroom hand towels from the kitchen towel aisle of the store. There, I can find many seasonal choices in 100% cotton or linen at a super low-cost, usually sold in coordinating sets (so I have one for the kitchen as well!) To bring in the colors of Spring, hang or lay the pretty hand towel near the sink by itself or next to a terry cloth hand towel. The cute yellow ball-trim on the “Hello Spring” hand towel was the color Inspiration for my Spring decorations.
  2. Spring Decorator Accent Piece – my (Yard Sale bargain) Metal Bird Tray works perfect as a Spring accent on the counter top. Be sure, if the bathroom is being used by overnight guests, to choose just one small accent piece that will not clutter their guest space.
  3. Fresh Flowers – the first sign of Spring, at least here in California, is the beautiful blooming bulbs, so a small vase of daffodils  instantly brightened up the bathroom!

Our sunny bathroom is such a bright space now and ready for Spring guests!

Is your bathroom ready for Spring!

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