DIY: Centerpiece Basket Arrangement

For Easter I planted a basket of pretty flowers and placed it on a table near the front porch to create Spring ambiance for arriving guests.

The basket was one of my recent yard sale finds. Remember how the basket looked BEFORE?

Yard Sale treasures to refresh & upcycle.

It was simple to refresh the worn basket, I clipped off the handles using sharp scissors, that left round basket looking more like a bird’s nest, perfect for a Spring floral arrangement.  Then I lightly stained the dry woven branches with Minwax stain, Provincial 211 color, the result was a richer brown tone. I then “aged” the new finish by dabbing on Minwax, Classic Gray stain.

After the Provincial stain, but before gray stain.

The planting part was SIMPLE, it had to be because I’m not a “gardener” – BUT my Three Elements of Plant Arrangement is fool-proof! These flowers are going to, later, be re-planted into a permanent pot on the front porch, so I did not add holes or rocks for drainage, I just added extra potting soil to fill the gaps.

Inside the basket I place a lightweight plastic drip tray and used an affordable lightweight plastic hanging bowl, that I cut the hanging tabs off of.

3 Elements of Plant Arrangement:

  1. Sun tolerance – where it will go?
  2. Color
  3. Height

The white/magenta/purple alyssum flowers don’t show much in this photos, but they will soon cascade over the edge of the basket (or permanent planter.)

Sun Tolerance – The permanent planter for this arrangement is in a sunny spot, so my choices for this arrangement needed to be sun-loving (light compatible) plants.

Color -the Color Wheel Theory can help you create the most beautiful combinations of flowers. I chose complementary colors, purple and yellow, because it is a simple and energetic color palette. I brought in white and shades of purple to pink flowers for variety. The future planter is already growing orange flowers,which will look great with this combination. The cool colored purple & pink flowers balance the warmer yellow and orange flowers. Honestly, attention to your color combination will produce a more professional-look to your arrangement.

Height variety – Place a taller plant in the center, with plant heights getting lower as you move outward to the planter edge, some cascading over. Play with your symmetry, the tallest doesn’t have to be dead-center, nor be a flowering plant. I also used a non-flowering coleus plant to add color and leaf interest.

A bird’s nest (hello squirrels, faux eggs!) and a set of bamboo-picked Easter eggs (Dollar store find) create a lovely Easter arrangement.

What container do you have to create a centerpiece?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! I hope this Inspires you to refresh and plant an old container to bring Spring to your home.