Weekend Wanderings 4.30

This past week I came across a photo that made me laugh. It was one of those shots clicked off accidentally. I didn’t delete it because it actually captured my thought at that split moment. That’s kind of cool, right? Of course only I would know that, but I clearly remember thinking, “Oooh, he’s got-this,” as I was reaching over to show our new travel friend how to manipulate my camera. He was going to take a photo of Captain & me using my camera. I guess that’s my facial expression of pleasantly surprised relief, since we were still unsettled in our seats (in a gondola in Venice) yet pulling away from the dock…so it was nice to see he quickly figured out how to work an unfamiliar camera…

Well, this particular photo captured a lot more (minus Captain) than the other posed shots. It captured not only my secret thought, it also includes the gondola in the background and look at the reflection on my glasses – the gondolier’s traditional black & striped shirt! I love it when clues to the story are tucked-in throughout the picture, didn’t Waldo wear a striped shirt, too?

SOOC…(below) unedited photo. See the buildings that line the canal reflected on the polished black gondola? Another little detail hidden within. I’m so glad I did not delete this accidental memory.

One other thing captured in the accidental closeup is the “concern creases” on my forehead. Apparently they are a part of my “pleasantly surprised relief” face – Uck!  I plan to use this photo for a travel profile photo, so I edited the SOOC in Elements using Topaz Labs, Clean (digital plastic surgery) and Clarity, then Florabella, Trinity bundle, Buttermilk action to give some matte & tones. In Elements, the gondola was gaussian blurred, then I cropped the image into a square. What a giant improvement for a once terrible photo.

If you, too, are interested in editing your photos here are links to my favorite photo-editing tools:

Photoshop Elements, I prefer to use this less bulky version rather than full Photoshop. It is affordable and is still very powerful.

Topaz Labs, totally awesome plugins to create professional quality photos. Free updates and great training webinars.

Florabella Actions, bring beautiful effects to your photos. I used the Trinity bundle, which has so much in it that I still have a lot to discover.

Classes & Inspiration, Kim Klassen is my favorite online photography & editing teacher. She has some free classes to get you up to par in Elements and Lightroom. Her site is a beautiful place to spend your time.

Have a Peaceful weekend!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!