Zen Garden Remake (again)

In Sunday’s, Weekend Wanderings, post I gave you a peek into our new backyard project, Captain’s Remake of his Zen Bonsai Garden. I’m surprised how quickly this project has gone thusfar. It is turning out to be one of those projects where we wonder, “Why didn’t we do it like this last Spring?”, when the slat fence was built and the area got its big overhaul?”


 A Recap…

The project this time began with a new bonsai plant, then we had to move all the plants to accommodate it, detaching/re-attaching the drip lines, then re-configuring the bench stands. Whew, took a few hours but was a big improvement.

Well, after all this moving around, we decided to go one step further and reface the slat fence with horizontal wood lengths. I went onto Pinterest to gather ideas, and we agreed upon a horizontal fence design that alternates two widths (6″ and 8″) of wood. Captain took his time on the first section so we could make final decisions while still in the build-stage. Decisions such as the fence height, whether to take the wood all the way to the ground, color of stain, and how to cap the top. It is fun not to have to make all those design decisions too far in advance.

the Progress…

So here we are now, moving forward…this photo shows the first section after wood is temporarily attached, so we could make our decisions. See the new guy (top row, right) who motivated the whole remake project?

After decisions were made, the boards were permanently attached; height slightly higher, and boards taken all the way to the ground. A thicker wood cap on top is a maybe still, but the fence will be stained dark once the other two sections are completed.

I am already able to envision the fence as a backdrop that will enhance the bonsai display, minus the fence slats, the neighbor’s canoe and where the ground meets the wall. All that was visual clutter.

Two of the three fence sections completed! hmmm…testing out a cap-look still.

I can’t wait to share the Reveal, who knows what Captain will add to this project by the time he’s finished!

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