Reveal – Fence for Zen Garden

It’s Reveal time for our new Zen Garden Fence! Captain finished installing the third section of the horizontal 6-inch and 8-inch redwood boards (screwed on, so warping is less likely) and he capped the top with a 6-inch width boards. The seams, where the sections join, are hidden with thinner 2-inch wide redwood strips.

Then the new fence got a thick coat of espresso oil based stain. We rolled on the stain. The fence’s rough face boards darkened to a charcoal color, but will lighten in time to the dark espresso. I like the charcoal color more than Captain does, I think its darkness provides an enhancing backdrop to the plants.

I would have stained the tops of the bench stands with a rich wood color instead of the same dark espresso that Captain used, but they will also lighten in the summer heat.


Below, is the final zen garden with the stands & bonsai all back in place, including the new guy on the block who started the whole remake. Gotta say, the new area takes on a beautifully dramatic look at night when the plants are spotlighted with landscape up-lights.

The remake cost was around $100. since we used redwood for durability. The solid fence is a huge improvement to the last version. The new solid fence defines the zen garden area and hides the clutter behind it. When designing a fence, don’t be afraid to mix wood orientation (vertical with horizontal) and the color of stains, to create the look you want. The dark-stained horizontal planks add an Asian linear simplicity that goes well with Captain’s bonsai, and is typically seen in zen gardens. When the stands were re-positioned we did not feel limited to reproducing the old configuration, we experimented by moving everything around to create a new look. Some larger trees were moved to ground level so we balanced their height by lifting some of the mid-level plants even higher, to create another layer of height. To do that we took a couple of the shorter length wood stands and stacked them on top of longer length stands (genius!). We also used blocks of wood, stabs of rock, and an old tree trunk as lifts under some bonsai pots to bring height using other natural elements. Just when I think we are done with our remake-remake…I envision a tall ceramic glazed fountain!

Do you have an area in your yard that needs a Simple Re-Remake?

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