Weekend Wanderings 5.21

Welcome to Weekend Wanderings! We just returned from our 40th Anniversary Get-Away, so with a Sunday “post deadline,” I was pushed to go into my archived photos to create a post (out thin air.) A surprise win-win since that gave me an opportunity to revisit some old photos using my favorite technique of photo-editing…Pastel Effect. Today, I am re-sharing a Paris carousel photo to INSPIRE you, too, to dig through your old photos to rethink them in Pastel tones.

While digging through my old photos on my computer I came across a few beach photos that I could not wait to Pastel-edit. So, here’s what we’ll do when we Meet Lakeside next time: I will share my favorite photo-editing tools that will take your photo (that you will find tucked away on your device, maybe forgotten, right?) anyway… as I was saying…these tools will take your photo to a swoon-worthy pastel printable masterpiece ; )

I will be editing my forgotten photo of children playing on a beach – trust me, you will want to try pastel editing on all your vacation photos. Water, sand and children are the perfect combination for this heavenly technique. Just the thought of capturing those images, to later pastel-edit, makes me want to book another vacation to a lake, river or ocean immediately!

This pastel post comes just in time for summer vacationing, after learning these tools, you will see photo opportunities in a whole new Pastel light.

Are you planning a vacation around water?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,