Weekend Wanderings 5.28

Clean water has been on my mind lately. The water around here is getting worse in quality, aka: purity. The City adds many additives to clean it up, how do I know? I can smell, taste and feel the difference, so I researched and talked to people to find out what my filter options are within my budget. Sure I could go out and spend money I don’t have to get a great system, but I’m not keen on doing that, at this stage in life. Also, I told you in an Earth Day post I was going to stop using plastic bottled water, remember? Well, a good result from that is I am acutely aware of my water source each time I fill a glass with water (from my Brita pitcher.) I need to know what I am drinking IS clean.

Recently I Wandered upon the Berkey water filter and purifier systems through one of my favorite health bloggers, WellnessMama.com. After reading her comparisons of different systems, I think that Berkey is the winner for me. The system is tops in quality, at a price I can afford. Sure there is another filter system that I think is better, but it is totally cost prohibitive. So Berkey is the company I am going with. It’s a system that uses a block carbon filter, which is terrific at filtration, and lasts much longer than other filters before replacement. I will link you to Wellness Mama so you can read her information & comparison options, HERE.

I decided with a friend (we got a price break by buying two systems together) to purchase the smallest Berkey to give-it-a-go, it is the Go Berkey Kit, 1 qt size stainless steel system that can go on trips with me, and comes with a carry bottle with its own filter for taking to the gym or on the go. It also has a nicely made nylon carrier and a priming pump for when I am out in the boonies and scoop water from the nearby watering hole (yeah, like that will ever happen…Adventure-seeker Me.) My plan is to try this out and if I like it, (after two days, I already do) purchase a bigger size that will sit on my kitchen counter, then I will use this one for trips and camping.

Easy to Assemble…

You may wonder why I don’t use a reverse osmosis system that would mount under the sink…did you wonder that? You would ask that if you knew how anal I am about stuff on my countertops!  Actually, the RO was the system I most considered purchasing. Well, a few reasons…

  1. Limited space under my sink for the system
  2. Cost of replacement filters are expensive for how long they last
  3. RO wastes more water than it produces
  4. Water produced does not hydrate you as much
  5. RO removes 92-99% of beneficial calcium and magnesium, which, in itself, is a deal breaker for me.

Anyhoo, everyone has their big expectations of what a water filtration system should do. This is what I am doing now, with my sights on a bigger Berkey that I can add a fluoride filter to, that is the only downfall of the smaller travel size I got.

The main thought I hope to Inspire today is that you, too, look at Clean (pure) Water as a key component to good health. If you are drinking tap water or bottled water, I encourage you to find out what you are actually drinking. Today my drinking water, tomorrow a filter for the shower. It never ends.

…Is this a California Thing? I like to look at houses for sale throughout California, and I see a lot of (big) Berkies on kitchen counters of coastal city homes, like Santa Cruz, SLO, Monterey, – it has become almost a game (for me) to find the signature stainless stacked container in a Zillow listing photo, ha!

What’s in the water you drink?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Oh, and I am NOT a Berkey Affiliate, altho I guess I should be : )