New Bohemian Vibe

I found this book, The New Bohemians, by Justina Blakeney that is somewhat of a revelation into my movement over the years through the different nuances of Bohemian lifestyle. In the sixties I took on a relaxed but colorful style, I really remember it as a more “new beatnik/hippie” look in both clothing and decor, all driven by music of the time. Then as the seventies rolled around I was living on my own, with hardly two coins to rub together, so my decor included lots of plants hanging from macramé ropes next to macramé wall hangingand more plants perched on window ledges and on stacked shelves. The rest of the furniture was a mix of color and style…pull up a pillow to sit…it was all so free – really, as in no cost. My Boho style then was Earthy…everything handmade, natural, and did I mention plants?  everywhere…hanging, crawling or wandering from their clay pots. Plants are very Boho, so much so, that the book includes a penultimate chapter called PLANT-O-PEDIA, a ‘home ain’t a Home without plants,’ 5-pages of photos and information about houseplants!

Those days were a time of discovery & creativity – more time than money does tend to lead to more creative ideas.

Source: Pinterest  Don’t you love the fresh clean-lines? More bedroom Inspiration HERE

The New Bohemians features photos of twenty homes that are divided into six themes. The six themes (or 6 defined variations of Boho Style): Modern, Earthy, Folksy, Nomadic, Romantic and Maximal are defined, shown in photographs so it is easy to find your Theme preference. At the end of each Theme chapter, is ‘Adopt an Idea’ for that theme.

She also includes DIY projects to create-the-look. The book is so well done and comprehensive, I find new things every time I pick it up. The photographs are inspiring and so interesting to study.

I pulled out a few of my Boho items to include in my photos; pottery, fabric coverlets, jewelry, rugs, macrame, carved spoons, all gathered from my rooms. I was surprised how much I am still deeply into Bohemian style!

I have always felt free to surround myself with things I love, even if they seem odd to others. That’s Boho; it is an environment and it is a lifestyle not constrained by rules – it is total freedom.

I once took a “test” to determine my Decor Style…well, I’m a sucker for those things, so truthfully, I have taken many of those sort of decor style “tests.” They always seem predictable but are still irresistible. There’s one test in particular I remember because my personal : ) Decor Style Result was “__-Funky-Boho.”  I see the “_” as a phase, which is more dependent on where I live. At present, it is Cottage style, but that style would change real fast if I moved to, say, the desert or to a city loft. The Funky-Boho, well that’s more Me.

I am pretty sure there’s a little bit of Bohemian in everyone…

What kind of Boho are you?

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