DIY – Coastal Mantel Display

Did you GATHER 5 items to create your Summer mantel display yet? The best thing about keeping the number of items to just five, is that the process, with so few items, becomes simple and should take only five minutes to do! Really, don’t get hung up on decisions, lay your five “treasures” onto the fireplace mantel, or if you don’t have a fireplace mantel, on a shelf or dresser, someplace large enough that you create a big Summery mood. Five is a small number so don’t over-think their positioning, one or two quick tweaks and that’s it.

My placement tweak was to lift the big sign UP onto a nail instead of the initial lean. I like the visibility of the sign’s nail & wire hanger, instead of hidden behind it, it looks less like a “picture” and more like a sign. That sort of little detail helps to give the vignette its easy-breezy casual look. The glass float (ball) kept rolling around, so my quick solution was to put a roll of Washi tape underneath it. (I know, genius) The bottom of the glass ball sits cupped into the opening of the tape roll.

If you are having difficulty GATHERING 5 items for a vignette, try this…find just one special piece that speaks of Summer. For me, Summer isn’t always coastal…it can be colorful, or around here activities like fishing, boating and vacation travel represent Summer. Maybe for you Summer¬†means baseball, camping or family gatherings. Gather one item with that in mind and you’ll be surprised how quickly your arms will fill with related items.

As I gathered five elements for my quick mantel display, I kept in mind that an eye-pleasing vignette includes Texture, Size variety and a Common theme or feeling to link all elements together. For example my five items have beachy in common, vary in height and size and include shine and dull weathered textures.

What you can do with 5 items in 5 minutes?


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