Weekend Wanderings 7.30

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For months, Bad-Hair DAY was becoming a daily problem, so I did an all-out search on the internet to find some good options for a new hair style. That search led me to find Dominique Sachse, who makes YouTube videos … Continue reading

DIY: Easiest-Ever Driftwood Plank Paint Technique

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Today I am sharing the realistic faux driftwood paint technique I am using for an upcoming DIY post. Guys, this is the EASIEST-EVER way to create driftwood planks to use in your next coastal or farmhouse DIY project. You’ll see … Continue reading

Weekend Wanderings 7.23

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Each year all the guys on Captain’s side of the family (gathering from-all-over) head to the nearby Sierras for what they simply refer to as, goin’ to¬†Dinkey or the Dinkey trip. Their three campsites are (usually) right on Dinkey Creek. … Continue reading

DIY- Table & Chairs Chalk Paint Update

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Have you ever had a piece of furniture that was given to you, maybe passed-down in the family, a piece that is far better constructed than you could afford today? Many times those old family pieces are, well…stuck in time. … Continue reading

Weekend Wanderings 7.16

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Caught in the moment… Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!  

Basic Tools Every Girl Should Own

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I can’t imagine going through life without a hammer…it is my MOST used tool. I don’t need to use it every day or even every week, but when I NEED it…well, it becomes as important as pair of scissors or … Continue reading