DIY – Simple Boho Swag

I made this crazy-fun Boho swag to decorate my Summer entryway. Honestly, the next morning I had such a cheery feeling when I saw it again! I can’t wait to share how simple it is to make…

The weather has gotten HOT (110F/43.3C) in our town, in fact, so extreme that I have spent every day, all week, INDOORS! No complaints, because I found a new seriesYounger, to binge-watch. Younger is already going into its 4th season. Where was I when this got so popular? To fill the hours, I also gathered a few “rainy day” projects from my craft closet (that closet to be revealed in July.) I mean, all day for a whole week can be boring unless there is something to do! One project I pulled out of my craft closet was a purchased package of color-coordinated fabric strips. I thought, with my renewed interest in Bohemian style, a fabric strip swag would be a cool Summer addition to the lake cottage. Like my new binge series, fabric garlands/banners/swags have been popular for a few seasons…but I’m just now getting around to trying it out.

If you are looking for a little project for yourself to do while trapped indoors by weather, or maybe you need a project to keep the kids busy this summer…Grab some fabric and get rippin’ & tyin’ – it’s a lot of fun, cheap and not messy. Kids love to make their own bedroom wall deco.

My Inspiration: had such good instruction on making her pretty “scrap fabric banner,” that I will direct you to her blog HERE to learn how to tie a pretty knot and how to make one sans a pre-cut fabric pack.

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I love her choices of fabric and trim… gorgeous, so perfect of a little girl’s birthday party or bedroom wall decor!

My Process…

My purchased package of pre-cut fabric strips came with 7 different designs. The strips (42in x 2.5in/106.68cm x 6.35cm) were too long & too wide, so I cut them in half (both length & width). I had a big stack of strips, more strips than I ended up using. I then put the strips in an order that looked good (mixing the print scales and the colors so they look pleasing, not a science.)

I fastened my twine to the entryway hall bench where it was to go, so I stood there tying the fabric to the twine…for about an hour. That was not all tying-time, I was selecting, cutting and photographing this post : ) But…For children doing the project, it would be easier to lay the twine on a big table and to cut and tie strips, then carry the garland/swag to where it will hang. Either way, it is NOT hard.

To embrace my Boho, I added some ribbon, twine, rafia and ric-rack. These were leftover from previous projects, extra-end-of-the-bolt stuff, that when added to the fabric garland, gave it the “groovy” vibe I was going for.

When done, I added a skinny pink ribbon to the center and at each end of the swag, to make it easy to hang next season or on the fireplace…it always helps “future self” to quickly know where the center on a garland is.

Finally, I swagged it from the center with two DEEP dips…for some reason that felt more Boho appropriate. Ohh, I am going to miss this when Summer ends!

Have you embraced your “Bohemian” side this Summer?

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