Weekend Wanderings 7.9

I was busy this past week helping a young friend update her kitchen table and four chairs. What fun to watch the transformation of such an important piece of furniture! This old oak set, she remembers, is the place she and her brothers sat around for family meals…and I bet, it was a favorite homework-station in the hub of all family activity, as well. The set had its original dark oak stain, but now, with the magic of chalk paint, and a beautiful table in a local chalk paint store as Inspiration, this treasured piece of furniture has a fresh update to fit a new generation’s style.

The whole process of updating a family hand-me-down is a reminder that decorating a home is all about creating a beautiful environment to fit the lifestyle and tastes of those who live there Now.

The family table is, maybe, the Most Special Place in a home, think about it… it represents the first place a family gathers in the morning and again at night. It is a place to sit and rest a minute on a typical busy day. A place where family gathers to discuss both happy & sad news, or to gab for endless hours with friends over coffee. And, like my young friend, the family table is a place to add new memories and where she can find a quiet spot in the morning sunshine to feed her soul.

Is your family table a Special Place?

Don’t worry…I will soon share the process we used to create this cool chalk paint transformation.

Special thanks to K. S. for surprising me with her gorgeous photo – taken the first morning she used her new table (after waiting for the clear top coat to dry, lol, I know that was a tough 24 hr wait!)

Photo edited with Kim Klassen’s Studio Collection Lightroom preset, DayDreaming, to lighten and add a hazy window sun flare (in one click, folks!).  Today’s “Weekend Wanderings” font is Sunshine in my Soul.

I know…both so appropriate for the photo, I could not help but use them!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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