Basic Tools Every Girl Should Own

I can’t imagine going through life without a hammer…it is my MOST used tool. I don’t need to use it every day or even every week, but when I NEED it…well, it becomes as important as pair of scissors or my nail file. When those “tools” are needed…well you got my drift.

I had a moment of déjà vu recently. I was helping my young friend Update her table & chairs. When I asked for a hammer to use to wack lids back onto paint cans…What!!??? You don’t have a HAMMER!!?? How do you do this, and that and??? Come to find out, she uses a screwdriver handle to bang nails into walls and to do whatever a hammer is normally used for. Yes! I Do remember using a “scrammer” also.

So what do you give a DIY-girl who doesn’t have a hammer?

A $5. hammer that is as awesome as she is. Personalize the hammer by adding washi tape, and decoupage a print-out of Wonder Woman’s logo. Then paint the decoupage medium over the entire handle to seal the washi tape and as a clear coat. Attach (with baker’s string) a box of assorted nail. This should last a lifetime, not many $5. gifts can do that.

So what are the basic tools every Wonder Woman DIY’er needs to have in her toolbox. Although that is assuming we all HAVE a toolbox, (secret) I don’t use mine now, but I did for many years. I now use Captain’s system of storing tools, although it’s not the way I would arrange tools. Many years ago, (good ol’ days) I got a fully-stocked Craftsman grey metal toolbox, a gift from my dad, who (most likely) was tired of me borrowing his tools. I remember the toolbox came with his familiar lecture about promptly returning the tools to the box when done. That is the Rule all handyman dad’s have, even if the tools belong to someone else : )

Anyway, as a DIY’er here is a list of the tools I consider BASIC to my needs and should fulfill the needs of anyone just starting-out on their own or broaching the life of a DIY’er.

Many basics can be purchased cheaply or even at the Dollar store, but be sure to spend a little more to get a good standard sized screw driver (Flat head & Phillips head) otherwise you will strip your screws. Not a good thing.

  • Hammer, my first choice is one that is smaller & lighter weight
  • Nails, (start with basic ones to hang a medium weight picture. You will quickly build an inventory (nails & screws) of more than you ever can use.
  • Screw drivers, both Flat & Phillips head
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure and ruler (I also use a yard stick often)
  • Sandpaper
  • Putty/Spackle knife
  • Piers – regular and needle nose
  • Level (this one cost a buck at the Dollar store, if you do a “wall” diy get a long one, they are not pricey)
  • Masking tape (blue)
  • Pencil, marker and pencil sharpener (keep these with your tools)
  • Can opener (free when you purchase paint, always take one and some extra wooden stir sticks)

I have more, tons more, tools to make things a lot easier. But in the end, these are THE TOOLS (even aside from power tools) that I cannot complete any DIY project without using …whether it be hanging a picture or building simple wood project. Which reminds me, I did not put a saw & miter box on this list. That was not a mistake, that is not a necessity any more, when you buy your wood at a store where the “nice guys” cut wood to size. I love that…saves me sweating in the garage and having to clean up saw dust.

What’s in YOUR Toolbox?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Pop in next week for the Reveal and Process of my (Wonder Woman DIY’er) friend’s Chalk Paint Table & Chairs.