Weekend Wanderings 7.23

Each year all the guys on Captain’s side of the family (gathering from-all-over) head to the nearby Sierras for what they simply refer to as, goin’ to Dinkey or the Dinkey trip. Their three campsites are (usually) right on Dinkey Creek. Dinkey is for Men Only, so it has become a highly anticipated, sort of Rite of Passage for the boys when they turn 5 years old, and are finally BIG enough to go to Dinkey.

This year, as Captain was loading the car with all his camp gear, I reminded him to take a few photos of the new Big Boyz…Dinkey first-timers. He did! He captured some beautiful special moments during this special four-day event, especially this one, Fishin’ Under Old Dinkey Creek Bridge .

Of course, when photos are shot using a cell phone, AND while balancing on rocks in roaring water (I’m proud of my Mountain MAN) well, it’s hard to get camera settings perfect, although composition was spot-on!  I wanted improve the lighting to make the photo as beautiful as the moment it captured, so I  used my favorite photo-editing tools to rock-the-shot.

PROCESS:  In Photoshop Elements, the photo was first edited using Topaz Labs, Clarity to open-up the shadows created by the shaded bridge. Then it was taken into Topaz Labs, Adjust to create the vintage tones, and to enhance color of the water and rocks and to add them dark vignette. After that adjustment I took the TL edited-photo into Florabella Actions to give it a simple warm sun flare, positioned over the dad’s shoulder but brushed-off areas I wanted to remain shadowed.. I think the sun flare creates the feel of Golden Hour morning warmth – a time when the fish bite.

Does your family have a Rite of Passage tradition?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings 7.23

  1. Thank you Amy for allowing me to use this photo of your handsome men : ) Captain enjoyed getting to know Henry better over Dinkey and cracked up how he has so many of his dad and grandpa’s mannerisms.

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