Weekend Wanderings 8.6

I got Busy on Thursday…then sidetracked…that’s not unusual for me. You know how Thing 1, leads to a Thing 2. Well, when I moved the new driftwood plank end tables back into the family room (Thing 1) I decided to replace the drapes (Thing 2) – not immediately, I’d just start lookin’. That’s how things start rolling downhill taking out everything in its path. Yep, I noticed the new white & gray tables and the old greenish gray drapery were no longer working together.

Before: old drapes, speaker clutter and still not finished with the table corner brackets, but the purpose of this pic is to show the huge speaker and a the crap it attracts : (

So when I ran out to get wood for the coffee table planks, I stopped by Home Goods, (I’m starting to roll down that hill) grabbed two possible drapery choices and headed home. Long story short – the window now has a fresh new taupe & white striped drapery panel Update. I love it!


But, the room Refresh did not stop there, I’m in the FULL roll now…since I was bringing back in the planked tables, I may as well try some new furniture arrangements. Nope, back to the old arrangement, but the floor got thoroughly vacuumed under all those hard to move pieces, oh but “somehow” the wires to the two old 90’s stereo speakers got cut!


Captain & I briefly discussed last week ditching the old speakers for a wireless sound system (at Christmas) so…in my defense, the speakers were hardly used and they cluttered the small space…it was time.


When done I felt like the WHOLE room was NEW. Amazing what 2 changes (drapes & tables) and a speaker mishap can do.

Update (Saturday) the day prior to Posting…Captain & I were at Barnes & Noble (we took a “coffee break” after repositioning the curtain rod) and I showed him the Before & After scheduled Post photos…woohoo, when we got home he was Inspired to breakdown the audio/DVD/stereo stack. I recommend having B&A visual re-enforcement when talking change-timetable with a man.

Here is the Before…clutter pre-coffee break

and After…

I guess some paint on the remaining two cable cords will do the trick. Did you spot my 3 new blue & white pillows? I left the price tags on them while I test drive the look, I am thinking a little sewing will be involved if I keep them. The mix of playful prints work perfectly in the room.

Now I’m more motivated than ever to paint & plank the coffee table so it fits into our new airy room.

Do you ever get On-a-Roll?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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