Halloween Fireplace Mantel & Freebie Printable

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I don’t decorate very much for Halloween anymore since we are empty-nesters. However, I do like to add into my fall decorations, a few non-spooky touches. You know a little sprinkle here and there of candy corn(y) goes a long … Continue reading

Weekend Wanderings 9.24

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Last week I shared my Wanderings Inspired, coffee table styling using a spooky Edgar Allan Poe verse. Today, see if you can, also, spot my decorating Inspiration in this photo taken on a recent Wandering for Inspiration trip. Hint: I will (again) be sharing a … Continue reading

October Coffee Table Styling & Printable

Styling a small area like a coffee table for October or Halloween can be both fun & affordable. It’s amazing how such a small styled area can bring a special mood to the whole room. I like that I didn’t spend much time or money on my October decorating yet it feels complete. BTW, I’m talking affordable decoration! I purchased plastic (hand) bones for a couple of dollars (Walmart), and made a graphic of Edgar Allen Poe’s spooky Halloween verse, The Raven, with a raven in the moonlight graphic from freeclipartnow.com

I’m sharing so you can print one for your own spooky vignette – Download: Freebie Printable, The Raven.

For Fall color, I added a couple of flannel & suede pumpkins from a previous DIY Post . That’s it, an October coffee table styling that’s not too creepy and is easy on the budget. I could say, It only cost a Hand, not an Arm & Leg, but I won’t.

As I was pulling the pumpkins from “the closet,” I came across a shopping bag FULL of Halloween goodies I had purchased last year from Target‘s seasonal bargain bin, sooo I decorated more areas using two $3. items from that “forgotten” bag…

A Raven picture for the living room fireplace mantel

Each season I put new decorations in my giant cloche, like HERE.

October 31 burlap sign, Target, perfect size for my Halloween cloche display.

First taste of pumpkin pie <I :>)

When the kids were young we really decked-out the lake cottage with spider webs, bats, and other not-too-ghoulish decorations, but sadly, I don’t decorate much for Halloween anymore. Nowadays I barely get out the witch cauldron that holds trick-or-treat candy, before the first little ones knock on the door. And definitely no spider webs! Don’t you hate taking that stuff down? BUT, this year, on Halloween, I turn 65 (that’s scary) so I purchased ONE bag of spider webs to put up and Just Sayin’…then got a little cray with using the other stuff from the Bag. You may want to grab your broom and Meet Me Lakeside in the coming weeks, because a lot is brewin’ at the lake cottage…I found a place for ALL that Target stuff.

Do YOU decorate for Halloween?


Weekend Wanderings 9.17

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My decorating Inspiration comes in many ways; magazines, television, Pinterest, and touring Open Houses. At the beginning of a new season I like to wander through stores with the sole intention of being Inspired by the merchandise and how it is … Continue reading

DIY – Transitional Fall Centerpiece

I combined two of my favorite “things”, succulents & a wooden bread dough bowl, to create a casual Fall centerpiece. This arrangement’s simplicity and muted tones will transition all the way into November, in fact, year-round. I’m already drawing Inspiration from its mood and color palette, you can expect to see this dough bowl succulent centerpiece, with a few minor changes, used in an upcoming Thanksgiving Tablescape post.

PB Inspiration…

For many years, I’ve been crushing on vintage wooden dough bowls I see in antique shops and in magazines, ha, I’m kidding…Online. Real vintage bowls are pricey, but now with Farmhouse style becoming so popular, (thank you J.G.) knockoffs are readily found. My bowl is from Home Goods,  I love its extra long length. I plan to make use of that extra space to nestle in candles, or seasonal goodies, like pumpkins, among the plants.  The dough bowl’s low profile makes a perfect centerpiece running down the length of a farmhouse dining table.

My Dough Bowl…

Over the past few months I collected a bag full of faux succulents from craft stores and the Dollar store. The arrangement needed 2-3 larger-size succulents for balance, so I tore apart an old faux succulent (basket) arrangement I already had, and replanted them in my dough bowl. Tip: take cheap faux succulents from shiny-plastic, to realistic-fab, by spraying them with a light mist of white paint topped with a clear matte spray. My cheaper faux succulents were mostly green tones, so I also sprayed a few of the tips with floral spray. I used Design Master floral sprays in October Brown and Cherry Wood Tone.

The assembly process is Simple – cut styrofoam to size using a serrated knife, glue the foam blocks to the inside of the bowl using a low-heat glue gun, glue sheet moss on top of the foam blocks and stick the succulents into the foam. I shortened a few stems, using a garden clipper to cut through the wires. I didn’t need to use the glue gun to secure the succulents in place, a pre-poke into the foam with my scissors made it easy to insert the stems.

I used only two mossy rocks (Dollar store) because I didn’t want to overcrowd the plants. You can see in the photo below, that extra space with sheet moss showing, Gives that added layer of texture to the centerpiece. I added two gold plastic antlers for sparkle. The antlers were something I found on some random aisle at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. They were so cheap, $1.34 each, I figured for that price I would use them somewhere…so it was fun to be able to pop them into this project. I keep looking for more of these little antlers each time I go to Walmart, which seems to be often this time of year.

(above) The realistic fuzzy/dusty look and some of the red-brown toned tips on these cheap succulents are the results of my spray paint tricks.

I am swooning, (it’s true!) over this Dough Bowl Succulent Centerpiece. I have big plans for this guy. Tomorrow it will be moved to the fireplace mantel to become part of my October decor, then later it becomes the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

Do you have a “transitional” decoration for the Holidays? 

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Weekend Wanderings 9.10

I wandered upon this quote this week, and after a Google search found the original source to be Thema Bryant Davis. She is a pretty accomplished woman. My temptation is ramble on about its meaning to me, but I would … Continue reading