Weekend Wanderings 9.3

“When 400,000 men could not get Home. HOME came to them.” I saw the movie, Dunkirk, last week with a friend. A white knuckles to the end – a Brilliant movie in every way! Spoiler alert – the movie climax, of the true story of Dunkirk, is when hundreds of private boats commandeered by Ordinary citizens Show Up in Dunkirk to help evacuate hundreds of thousands British and French soldiers who have been trapped between land and water, pushed to the sea by the enemy. Did you know, the German army was held back on land by the French army? That is another movie/story to be told.

Like at Dunkirk, many neighbors, just Ordinary people, Showed Up (with boats!) from near and far (including the Cajun Navy , a band of men from Louisiana) to help evacuate residents of Texas from familiar hurricane floodwaters. Although the evacuation of Dunkirk and Houston vary greatly by the mere War factor, (I know, that’s not mere) both disasters show how Ordinary people have each other’s back in tough times.

I wandered upon this piece written about Dunkirk, the movie, with 19 Quotes and Lessons Learned from Dunkirk. The link also includes a movie trailer!

I also want to share a link to Red Cross, a relief organization that is always there, wherever there is need, Bringing Help & HOPE. The site has an informative video about what American Red Cross volunteers do, and there is also a Donate button.

The aftermath and cleanup from hurricane Harvey will be felt for a long time. This is an opportunity for Ordinary People, like us, to bring Help & HOPE, too, by donating money that will provide emergency services over many months to come. Please, Show Up for our neighbors by giving generously.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the American Red Cross. The Red Cross Organization website link is provided as a convenience to my Readers, and is not connected in any way to MML.