Halloween Fireplace Mantel & Freebie Printable

I don’t decorate very much for Halloween anymore since we are empty-nesters. However, I do like to add into my fall decorations, a few non-spooky touches. You know a little sprinkle here and there of candy corn(y) goes a long ways.

Did you guess my Decorating Inspiration from the photo on Weekend Wanderings? If you guessed the (fabulous shoe) sign and the fabric witches’ shoes, you know my humour well. While Wandering for Inspiration, I saw that fabulous shoe sign and decided to put some scrap wood to use to make my own smaller diy sign using the same saying. Funny…it wasn’t until I looked down at the photo on my smartphone I shot to remember the wording, that I spotted the pair of witches’ shoes on the shelf below. I am not a fan of sewing so I tossed the witches’ shoes into my cart and headed to the cashier before I got anymore “project inspiration”.

Sign Process: I cut down and painted a square of scrap wood, then made a digital sign using Elements to fit. You can skip the computer part because I am sharing a download of the graphic. The beautiful painterly texture background is from French Kiss Textures collections, I think IT is the most “fabulous” part of the sign. After printing the graphic on white bond paper, I tore the paper to give rough distressed edges. I then used a black marker to darken the torn edges so they blend into the black wood. Spray both sides of the graphic with a clear art sealant spray. Be sure to spray the printed-side a couple of times, so the ink does not smear during the decoupage process. To attach the graphic to the wood, apply Mod Podge (glue) to the wood and smooth the graphic in place. Lightly brush glue onto the front and sides of the mounted paper and wood. Careful, too much brushing will smear the ink, I speak from experience. Let dry, then add another light coat of Mod Podge. That’s it!

Grab your Freebie Fabulous Shoes Printable download HERE.

My October fireplace mantel turned out great! It has height and texture…the birds (Walmart) and the sign give it a FUN personality for Halloween.

Final touches to the room… I added my papier-mâché pumpkin man (an old decoration) to my giant glass cloche. I love how the pumpkin man helps carry the mantel’s fun personality throughout the room.

Are you inspired to decorate a small area for Halloween. All the components of my October Fireplace Mantel can easily be made, try one…

  • Folkart pumpkin head picture was a purchase many years ago, BUT I posted a How-to Hack HERE.
  • Dough Bowl Succulent Centerpiece posted HERE.
  • Boho Fiber Art Wall-hanging – Post to come, first week in October.
  • Don’t have a Fireplace Mantel? I’ve got you covered HERE.

Does your room’s decor SCREAM Halloween?

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