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I love layering Texture into my home decor, especially in the form of fabric. Recently, I was doing one of my Wandering for (Fall) Inspiration trips at Home Goods and came across an unusual throw blanket. I say “unusual” because it had so much texture that it seemed inappropriate as a throw. I couldn’t see anyone getting cozy under all the fiber balls and strings. But, what I could see as an appropriate use of all that texture was a wall hanging.

Guys, this fabric mix is so interesting, it looks like it fell from the wall of a high-end art studio. Seriously, the fabric is a mix of weaving techniques and the muted color mix is nothing short of Classy. The throw cost me $25. which is more than I normally spend on anything, but this was Special. Or almost Special, the artsy throw just needed to be remade into its most fabulous form…a Boho Fiber Art Wall Hanging!

When I started the process of exposing its real purpose, I thought I was going to have to weave in more strings or fibers (I have no idea of how that would be done) but, thankfully, the only extra it needed was to add naked wood beads to the extra tassel strip (cut from the remainder of the throw) that I glued to the bottom. Then, I got lucky, in my Closet I found the perfect tree branch to hang my wall hanging from. I really wanted to keep things Natural and Simple, so the branch is perfect. I wonder who designed this throw, and what they would think of it as a wall hanging now.

5 Simple Steps – Throw to Boho Fiber Art…

I should start by saying my final wall hanging size is about 2 x 3 feet. I only had to fix one of the side edges; glue, cut, and sewn under to match the finished-edge of the throw. Since this is a real weaved cloth, wherever I cut the fabric, I had to first glue the area so it would not fray. The gluing and drying process was the most time-consuming part of this project.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

I did not actually attach the branch until Step 5 (below)

Step 4

Use tape to hold the fabric edge in place for stapling. I used an ice pick to punch through the tape to mark where I had drilled, so I could staple around the holes that will be used to attach the branch.

Step 5

The twine is wrapped around the branch and back through the mounting board holes. I wrapped the twine in between both pieces for neatness – improvise – but it is important to keep the branch in its pre-determined position so it lays flat against the wall.

As the anchor piece for my October Fireplace Mantel display, the Boho Wall Hanging’s texture and subtle Fall colors bring warmth to the entire room. Its height, too, fills the wall space.

Are your rooms layered with Texture?

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