Weekend Wanderings 10.8

My friend, Zora, gave me two packs of Trader Joe’s Pour-Over Coffee to test and enjoy, so I thought with cold weather upon us, I would share my Review of it on MML. First off, I love to shop at Trader Joe’s. So many of my favorite things are in that store; from turkey meatballs, TJ’s hummus & pita chips, to big bundles of affordable fresh flowers, what’s not to love about TJ’s?

But back to the Coffee Pour-over : ) Captain was gone on a golf trip, and since he is usually the one who gets the morning pot of coffee brewing – I thought this would be a good opportunity to try my TJ’s Pour-Over.

My Review…


  • Eco-Friendly packaging
  • Convenient & Quick – it can be kept in the cupboard for a quick 1-2 cup o’ Joe.
  • Easy & Fun to use. The packaging is clever and works well.
  • Taste was Good, but nothing Starbucks has to worry about.
  • Provides a second pour-over for a second (lighter) cup.
  • Only requires hot water, no plugs, no pods.
  • No mess or grounds to cleanup, just toss the “paper coffee pot” into the recycle bin.


  • Taste – lacks a deep Brewed flavor, the Brasil variety may be a bit bitter for a true coffee connoisseur. I put (unsweetened vanilla) coconut milk into my coffee taste to enhance it.

Final verdict:

  • The Pros have it!  I would definitely buy Trader Joe’s pour-over coffee for a trip or to have on-hand in an RV or campsite. I plan to get a couple to have in the house during the holidays – for that emergency when a guest wanders in before the big morning pot is fully brewed. I like best that the packaging makes it Simple & Fun to make a small amount of coffee.

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s product?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Update: Shortly after I wrote this post, our coffee-maker broke and I was more than happy to have the second package of TJ’s pour over coffee on-hand; proving you never know when that convenient little paper coffee pot will be needed.