The Tree

As many parts of the country (world) experience their first blast of Winter, here in central California we are still savoring a late Fall color. I love this time of the year so much that it is almost impossible to feel that state of mind required for transporting the cottage into a Winter Wonderland.

This year we are co-hosting an early Annual Christmas Dinner for our group of friends and today I need to decorate the lake cottage for Christmas. It is a busy time of year with two back-to back Holidays. Yesterday, within minutes of the Thanksgiving guests leaving for the airport, I began swapping-out pumpkins with pine cones and whisking away all the amber tones to a giant pile in the now-vacated (recently organized) guestroom. New season, new piles…

Since I am just sitting here I may as well share the moment with you…first off, I should not be sitting…

The blazing pistache tree that only a few days ago was the photo backdrop for our family Christmas card is the Big Disruptor today for me moving forward to Winter. The sun shining through the yellow and orange leaves make the tree look like it is on fire. As I pulled myself away from the kitchen window to head to the living room to start my Christmas decoration, I am stopped in my tracks…by the golden glow of the entire room. I can’t do IT, at least not quite yet…maybe once the sun gets high and the intense color settles down, then, maybe, I can catch the spirit of a new season.

thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! (stuck in the moment)


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