DIY – Boho Wall Hanging

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I love layering Texture into my home decor, especially in the form of fabric. Recently, I was doing one of my Wandering for (Fall) Inspiration trips at Home Goods and came across an unusual throw blanket. I say “unusual” because … Continue reading

Transition to Fall 2016 – Scattering Colour

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I don’t like to invest too much time into any one thing, “having too many pokers in the fire,” is what my mom used to call it. Once I decide to do something, I try to get it done and … Continue reading

Transition to Fall 2016 – Fireplace Mantel

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How did Week 1 – Porch Transition to Fall go? Did you gather some fall items and decorate your porch or entryway? That quick clean-up and seasonal decor will invite guests into your warm & cozy home, now let’s move indoors and cozy … Continue reading

Transition to Fall 2016 – the Porch

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Aren’t you ready for a change in season? I’m gathering ideas after digging out my stored Fall decorations to start our decorating transition from Summer to Fall. A big part of that transition from one season to another is to clean and refresh the … Continue reading

Fall Fireplace Update

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This has been such a busy week, to say the least. Just finding ALL my unmarked boxes of Fall decorations that I had packed last year, so carefully…I do remember thinking, I need to MARK these boxes…that was last year. It has been a scramble this past … Continue reading